anna noakes schulze

anna noakes schulze

Hello! I’m Anna Noakes Schulze, the entrepreneur’s other angel. I help startups and enterprise clients develop the right customer experience strategies to fuel lasting business growth.

Most growth-hacking strategies are gimmicks that don’t work for very long. Another day, another round of attention-grabbing tricks. Customer experience is the evergreen way to growth hack. It never falters or loses effectiveness. You grow by creating value that customers want and then delivering it exceptionally well. A great customer experience has the ability to win hearts and minds. It shows that you care and deserve your customers’ loyalty.

Customer experience isn’t just about transforming how the customer interacts with your brand. It’s about changing people and cultures so they can leverage the online world to build relationships and community. You can find out more about these themes and how they help your business on the SunflowerUX Blog.

My flat-rate Services are designed to cover all of the customer touchpoints you need to grow your customer base, improve retention and increase business value. I won’t just tell you what you need to do. I’ll offer you and your team the coaching you need to put your best digital strategies into action.

When you work with SunflowerUX, you have a partner that you can depend on to put your business needs first. While you are here. check out my Code of Ethics, which details my commitment to your satisfaction — and success.

Community is hugely important in life and business. Nothing else is quite so powerful as the personal connections we make and the relationships we forge. For nearly two decades, I’ve had amazing experiences volunteering with member clubs of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) as well as other international women’s groups in Germany, Ireland and Thailand.

My professional memberships include the Customer Success Association, User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA), CX Network, and Enterprise Nation.

🏆 I am honoured to be one of the judges at this year’s International Customer Experience Awards in Amsterdam. 🏆

Let’s take a twirl on social. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Medium.

Even better, contact me today for a free consultation. There’s no obligation and I’ll be glad to help!

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